2018, March 27, Tuesday


2018, March 13, Tuesday

Audio Podcast of my interview with Abigail Wright at her Peace of Persistence web site and blog. Abby is a singer at the MET, an actress, movie director and producer, with her fingers in so many pies that I don’t see how she has time to turn around.

2016, August 20, Saturday: 2 PMTaylor-082015_Flyer

2016, July 23, Saturday: 9 AM–4 PM

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Come meet the Author in the Community Room (301), Table 51


2016, May 14, Saturday: 2-4 PM



2016, March 13, Sunday: 10-12 AM


Meet the Author:
Sunday, March 13, 10-12 AM.
University of Arizona Campus
Author Pavilion – West