Pilot, spacecraft navigator, author: Tony Taylor flew fighters in the Air Force and later navigated NASA spacecraft to all eight planets of the solar system. As a member of the New Horizons Navigation Team he added Pluto to his travel sticker collection in 2015, thus maintaining bragging rights for “all the planets” in case that minor planet is ever promoted again.

His latest novel, The Darkest Side of Saturn, reflects many of his NASA experiences and won several honors, including First Place for Commercial Fiction in the 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Awards and Book of the Year in the 2015 Arizona Literary Contest. His first novel, Counters, drew on air combat experiences in Vietnam and won Honorable Mention for Legacy Fiction in the Hoffer Awards. Both books made the Short List for Grand Prize in that contest.

Tony lives with his wife Jan in Sedona, Arizona. He may not be the only interplanetary navigator in Sedona, land of vortices and UFO enthusiasts, but he’s probably the only one who actually worked for NASA.img_2222_mod


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