From the pages of The Daily Drivel, 2014/07/22

Maybe writing a book is the easy part. Maybe getting folks to read it is an order of magnitude harder.

Those are some of the thoughts running through my head lately. I finished most of the writing back in March. Then came the publishing trauma culminating early this month. Finally comes the promotion and there’s so much to learn, so much to do, and so many ways to go about doing it that getting started is drinking a river, or, to mix metaphors, sinking in quicksand. You struggle to reach out for something substantial, something to grasp that is obviously the way, the righteous path of promotion, but there is none.

To blog or not to blog? That’s the question, but only one. Whether to face the seething hordes on Facebook, twitter with the tweeters, press the words on WordPress, schmooze on GoodReads, start a website, or do a hundred other things . . . well those were the choices you avoided all that time because you were having too much fun writing, as if the writing was an excuse to avoid the real work, which is pitching. When the excuses are done, what do you do to cure pitcher’s block?

And so far, that’s only talking about the internet and avoiding all the other things that must, should, have to get done to keep your book from lying there motionless like an invisible lead fart, unseen, uncared, unloved by any but its mother, when you really want it to walk around on its own two sturdy legs, admired and respected by all.


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