Tucson Festival of Books – One Month!

It’s YUGE, the best, most enormous book show in the USA! It’s the Tucson Festival of Books! All the other book festivals are low energy losers. Pathetic!

It’s so yuge that The Donald™ must be there, couldn’t possibly be so wonderful without him, so come look for The Donald™ amongst those spectacular crowds, but if you can’t find him, look for Waldo, and if Waldo also escapes you, just stop by to say Hi to me, I won’t be as hard to find. Also drop by the amazing Arizona Authors Booth on the UA campus and chat up the enormously talented authors, editors and literary Grand Poobahs there—I say these are the best, the very best! All the other booths are losers!

It’s yuge, I tell you, and the best part is we’re making Belize pay for it!


Colbert Truthiness Check: The Donaldsycophant (TDs) who is quoted above makes extraordinary statements about the Tucson Festival of Books, but literature searches do not completely validate the claim that the festival is the “best” or “most enormous” in the country. However, according to Ann Brown of the Arizona Daily Star (2014/03/02):

Festival organizers project that at this year’s [2014] March 15-16 event about 120,000 participants — that’s about twice the number it takes to fill Arizona Stadium — will pile into the University of Arizona Mall and adjacent buildings. Now in its sixth year with about 300 exhibitors and 450 authors participating in literary activities, the festival had a meteoric rise and now is among the largest book festivals in the nation.


So, while “best” may be at best a bit of mislaid hyperbole, the festival this year will certainly be one of the very biggest in the country, and even yuger—colossally yuger, maybe the yugest—since the 2014 event.

As for the claim that Belize will be made to pay for it, rumors (thus far unsubstantiated) have it that The Donald™ will actually bill El Salvador. Nevertheless, the overall thrust of the claim by TDs is basically correct, if overstated.

Rating: Truthy with reservations.

Photo Credit: Benjie Sanders / Arizona Daily Star 2013


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