Pluto + 1day

Guest Post

The Lonely Traveller

Hong Kyu Kang
(Applied Physics Laboratory)

Wake up from the long slumber
In the cold darkness of space,
Lit only by the flicker of the
Distant, fading sun.

Get a of hold of yourself!
So your eyes won¹t be
Spinning round and round.
Be glad of the pulse
That throbs in your heart!

Don¹t let a little hiccup
Get you down!
Replant your feet and
Readjust your feeler!

Then you will be ready
For the amazing sojourn
Past the lonely, icy sentinel
that¹s been guarding
it¹s secrets for so long!

What wonders you will see,
What mysteries will you find,
What delight will you cause
For those waiting
Impatiently for your messages
Across the voids of space!

Hum me a song of syncopation,
Let me feel your pulse,
Grace us with your visions,
Read me your journal,
Even if it take a year and a half!

Spin your head and look
Everywhere we wish we could,
Feel the cosmic energy
Flowing through you chest,

Look for our sun in through
The thin ancient mist of gases
Released just in time for you!

Look for unseen companions,
And dance between them
Touch them and feel the
Unknown heat of
Infinitely cold ice!

When you pass the gaggle of
Icy bodies of the
Miniature system,
Look back in fondness
Of the short stay in
Their little neighborhood
And give us your splendid reports!

For ahead of you is another
Tiny, unseen place
That only you can
Uncover for all of us!

May your flight into the universe
Be filled with joy!
Don¹t let loneliness
Overcome you with sadness
As you head out into
The interstellar medium
For you have given us
Hope and aspirations
For our future!

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